In the Ring

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Just had to add my own since I have gained so much from all of you.

I use this combo in my class as a way to get them to really "think" about the purpose of their punching techniques rather than just going through the motions of the punch. Besides the class loves (so they tell me) getting into "character" of being in a boxing ring.

It's simple actually:

I try to use visuallization before the combo like this:

"Your opponent just throw a punch at you so you 'DUCK'. Now, your opponent's punching arm is over your head exposing their mid-section so you 'JAB LOW'. Now while he's got his arms down, his face is exposed, so you 'JAB HIGH'...and finish him off with a 'HOOK'."

After taking it slow a few times (with a 4 count boxer-shuffle in between the combo) we take it to tempo and I cue like this:

"4-3-2-1" (during each shuffle, or march depending on their level)
"Duck - Low - High - Hook - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1"

Then repeat on other side leading with other arm. We repeat this combo about 8 to 10 times before switching leads. It's a simple routine, but I hope you all get an understanding that putting purpose behind the punch will really add to class enthusiasm.

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From: Escanaba, Michigan (USA)
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