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Thanks for all the great ideas on the site.

Have found a great way to get clients to try new things, tell them that they are invisible in the water & that no-one but me can see them! It seems to make them less self conscious.

I have been introducing basic combat/boxing moves into my aqua classes & they seem to go down well.

Here's my ideas

Jab punches, (stay low in water) Alternate right/left punches forward, ensure punch from shoulder, keep 'guard' up, make sure they rotate hand (so that back of hand stays up to the surface) then concentrate on one side & then change to other. Try varying speeds.

Speed ball, forward roll hands like speed ball punching, then reverse & rotate backwards. Get some white water.

Hook punches, (stay down low) head hooks, keep elbows bent to 90 degrees, use lower body by twisting through hip & turning in knee & lifting heel, idea is if punch doesn't get you, elbow will. Again vary speed. Add right or left side only & alternate

Uppercut, try & get them to use trunk muscles to stabilise & rotate body through hips. This time aiming for under chin, keep elbows tight to body, in figure 8 pattern. Same speed/combinations.

Front/snap kicks, start with knee lifts, then 'push heel' out to kick forward, from hip, start with single side for about 8 reps then alternate (not too much speed) for a killer burn get them to repeat move in 'push' phase only at double speed!

Same with side kicks, start off with small side leg lifts & then add the 'push', try not to let them lean over!

I then put together a simple combination using all the above, with some shoulder rolling & leg releases between sets.

Hope this adds some 'punch' to your aqua. Any doubts ask your nearest combat teacher for pointers!

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