Drippin' Sweat

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This is my first submission, all of your ideas have been great help to me!-Thanks-

This pattern is called step interval, 5 minutes of aerobic intervals, and 5 minutes of conditioning intervals.

Aerobic 1:

-Begin with baby U-turns-

Conditioning 1:

Right leg forward lunges with bicep curls (you may use light weights)

Aerobic 2: (right lead)

-Repeat left lead-

Conditioning 2:

Left leg forward lunges with tricep exstentions (you may use light weights)

Aerobic 3: (right lead)

-Repeat left lead-

Conditioning 3:

5 pound weights: 3 lateral raises-hold and 1 chest press

Aerobic 4: (right lead)

-Repeat left lead-

*Jog-Jog-Like a basic but adding a "hop" up, up, down, down

Conditioning 4:

Figure 8 band or tubing: Bow & Arrow

End with AB's and then a lower back exercise (ex: supermans)


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