Jamaica Spin - Anerobic ride

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11187)

Designed where percieved exertion (PE) 1-3 easy; 4-5 you could sing to your neighbor and ride for an hour; 6 you could ride for 30 minutes before you had to stop; 7-8 getting gritty. Top end of 8 you are at your aerobic edge. 9 you should be ready to almost die. Key to this is it is tough. It isn't about standing alot since standing is actually easier than sitting and it isn't about pedaling fast because that too is easy. It is about high resistance and cadence around 18-20 throughout most unless we're on a flat or in a jump. This won't allow me to type PE so be aware after each number that is what I mean.

One Hour Class

Song 1) WARM UP - Jamaica Jerk Off - 3:39
* I used a 1 minute song that I add to the warm up.

Song 2) Afro Celt Sound System - Vol. 3 - Further In Time 6:32
This is a DRILL. First I do a cadence check to make sure they have enough resistance they can't pedal too fast (fast doesn't train you to do anything). We then begin around resistance 5 at a cadence of 18-20 and hold for 20 seconds and beat the music for 20 and go back -but don't touch the tension. Goal here is to show them peddling fast is easy. Now pick up a gear (6 percieved exertion) and pick up the cadence for 20 seconds and come back for 20 (don't touch the tension). Now pick it up to a 7 and take them to an 8. You can do 6-7-8 drill (20/20) three times. Last 45 seconds take them to 9 and have them excellerate and push hard.

Song 3) ZZ Top - La Grange 3:52
This is a Drill. Take them from a 6 to a 9. Start IMMEDIATELY. 6 you are in the saddle for 20 seconds, 7 out of the saddle, 8 back in the saddle (but don't slow the cadence. Keep it between 17-20) and 9 out of the saddle. If you have more time left over keep them at 9 in the saddle and don't let them slow their legs down (You're not speeding - you can't at a 9 anyway).

Song 4) Eagles - Get Over It 3:31
Resistance 6-7 Vary 8/8;6/6;4/4;3/3

Song 5) Madonna - Impressive 3:42
Seated climb into a standing climb (resistance 8 the entire way)

Song 6) Mortal Combat-Techno Remix 3:03
Seated flat. Put them at resistance 7 (and say 1-2; 1-2 so they don't pedal too fast. Get them to increase their resistance so it is hard). Have them ride for 30 seconds then tell them to beat the music for 30 seconds (cadence would be around 25. Then take them to PE 8 (30 seconds on and 30 off) When you go off don't touch the gear.

Song 7) Recovery: And they should need it.
Toca's Miracle - DJ Scribble 3:21.
Let them recover for 1 minute. Then tell them to pick it back up to a 6 keep them seated until right at the end and have them stand for last 25 seconds.

Song 8) Hotel California The Eagles
Seated into a standing climb. Resistance 7-9. No need to say more and don't do much talking. They love this song. Make them work hard.

Song 9) Donna Summers - Hot Stuff
Jumps. Their legs need a break so jumps are good to insert since they are easier. Keep resistance up to 6-7 so they don't blow out a knee though.

Song 10) French Kiss (Lost the artist sorry) 5:37
This is a drill. I tell them we are rounding the corner and we've been in position 2 but have fallen back to position 3. We have to be in the lead by the end of the song. Get them to at least resistance 7 seated and tell them to go get rider 2. After 30 seconds have them pick up a gear (8) and let them stand for 30 seconds, put them back in the saddle and encourage them (they are burnt out), keep the 30 on 30 off and last 20 seconds have them race to the end.

Song 11) Take a Chance on Me - Abba 3:45
Have them ride resistance 7-8 and when they have 45 seconds until the end have them pick up the resistance (PE) to 9. I tell them we're headed to the bar, or to the car, or for water because we won and we're out of water. You've just rode almost 49 minutes.

Song 12) COOL DOWN RIDE - Abba Fernando 4:11
Song 13)Cool Down Stretch - Natural Blues 4:13

This ride is about working the legs and the heart. It is how precision cycling teaches (they don't like jumps though)

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