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Repeater knee series: basically you are doing 4 four repeaters on the same side then switching leads, but start with 3 knee repeater, tap down then go up again same leg four time then switch leads. Then I change the tap down to kick that leg in front so I step up right, repeater knee the left, left foot down, right leg kick in front, then put right leg on the bench immediately after the kick do not tap on the floor, then repeat left knee again. On the fourth repeater I cue "don't kick, exit change sides".

Repeat left lead (32)

Knee-kick-knee: step up right, left knee up, left foot down on the floor, right leg kick out the the side, then put the right leg back on the bench (do not tap the floor), left knee up then exit.

I-step: up, jack one time on the bench, down, jack one time on the floor.

Repeat left lead (32), three curls on the bench will be on front side facing the back wall.

Repeat left lead, left knee up will bring you to left lead (32)

Split step: step up right, lunge back for 2 then exit.

Repeat left lead

Stomp-straddle-hop: at left corner of the bench, right foot stomps the, right foot straddles the bench, both feet hop up on to the bench then exit.

Please fell free to email me if you have any questions. I teach at 130 BPM and try to make all my patterns self-reversing. Take care. Step safely.

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