Coordination test haha!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 11198)

I have used this pattern both in shadow boxing, and on the bag. If you use it on the bag, the front kick, the jab, and the block WILL NOT connect with the bag (to eliminate confusion).

Starting with the right side:

1) Have them start out just with right side kicks.

*Add on:
2) Left knee chamber (knee up), so it's: right side kick, left chamber.

*Add on (this will really start to test their coordination!):
3) Block with the right hand as you throw that right side kick. The block is just a small hammer fist that's thrown parallel to the leg as it's kicking (this is hard to describe). Your hands are up in a fighting position as you are kicking. As that side kick is thrown, swing your right arm down (just above your leg) to block. Be sure to cue them to be careful and not hyperextend that elbow when they do this!

Now that you have them doing a side kick with a block, and a left knee chamber, time to have them change that left chamber to a FRONT KICK!

You now have a right side kick and right arm block (thrown simultaneously), and a LEFT front kick.

Final add-on:
Once they have this down, add on a left jab, thrown at the same time the front kick is thrown. My class loves this combo. It really gets the heart rate up. Start by just introducing small parts at a time, and later in the class (or the next class), start to add on until you finally have it all put together.

This is NOT self-repeating. I put in a transition move, then start them on the other side. Please email me with questions, as I know this is hard to explain with words. I hope someone can use this!

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From: Shawnee, Oklahoma (USA)
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