Hammer it out!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11199)

Here's an arm pattern. I use it a lot as just a simple transition move and a filler. It really kills the arms, especially the triceps, and can be used on or off the bag.

I usually start them out by throwing jabs to the front. Then come the hammer fists. Palm is to the floor, elbow is at about a 90 degree angle, and level with the shoulder. You are striking the target with the "meaty part of the fist" (outside of the fist) at an outward angle.

To add intensity and power, I have them do the following: As you are throwing that hammer fist, drop the opposite shoulder back, and use those hips to turn that body. For instance, if you are throwing a right hammer fist, you would drop that left shoulder back, pivot you feet so that your hips are pivoting LEFT, and striking almost across your body, at an outward angle. I cue them to aim for the "bridge of the nose" when shadow boxing. When done correctly, you will really feel these in your triceps, and through your shoulders. Also cue them to "tighten those abs" when they do this, and they will also feel it in their obliques.

You can have your class alternate arms doing this, or you can work one arm at a time. If you do one arm at a time, they will feel it more in their triceps and shoulders. If they alternate, it will add the obliques when they pivot, tighten their abs, and swing those arms through.

My class loves to "hammer it out" on the bag. They call these the "stress relievers", and you can really hear the bags THUMP when we do this! As always, please feel free to email me with any questions, and I will do my best to explain it!

*NOTE: If you do this as a shadow-boxing technique, be sure to cue them regarding the safety of NOT extending that elbow all the way so they won't hyperextend. If they're on the bag, they tend to have a stopping point when throwing this technique. I actually introduced this on the BAG first, so they would know where their stopping point was for that arm, and would be able to recognize it easier and feel it when we do it in the shadow-boxing.

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