Cardio Kicks

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 11207)

This is a somewhat difficult kick combo, but I like to challenge my students (especially the ones that have been coming for a while). I always show options for toning down the intensity, including low kicks, marching in place, etc.

(Repeat 4 times -- 32 counts)
**Option of doing right knee/left kick in singles (knee-kick)

(Repeat 4 times -- 32 counts)
**Option of doing right knee/left side in singles (knee-side kick)

(Repeat 4 times -- 32 counts)
**Option of doing right front kick/back left kick

I obviously then repeat with left lead.

I know the side kicks and back kicks are sometimes tricky and getting students to do them right is sometimes tricky. My class is very advanced; however, I would probably practice the side kick a few times before throwing it in the with front knee. Same with the back kick. Stress that it's not a "flinging" movement, but a very controlled kick. Really squeeze (especially with that back kick). If you control the movement, you can really feel it in the glutes! Also, remind students to keep the supporting knee bent when doing the three knees/kicks. When you focus on keeping the movement controlled and small (and the center of gravity low), that large quad muscle really kicks in which helps to keep the heartrate up (and sculpts those legs!!).

Take care and, as always, email me with questions or comments.

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From: Lancaster, Ohio (USA)
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