Fun Salsa Aerobics

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 11208)

Block 1

Right lead

Part 1: Cha-Cha (triple step) while moving forward (8)
Arms go out to the same side of the foot you are on. So...Cha-Cha right foot with arms to the right (1,2) Cha-Cha left foot with arms to the left (3,4), etc...

Part 2: Tap toe to the side right, left, right, left (8)
Both arms out at sides and shake the shoulders in a quick "shimmy" fashion the whole 8 count.

Part 3: Cha-Cha while moving back (8)
Arms move up and down in front of torso, the elbows are bent the whole time and they kind of swing up and down. At the same time your torso moves up and down following your arms. So...right Cha-Cha back with arms and body in the up position (1,2). Left Cha-Cha back with arms down and body bent over (3,4), etc...

Part 4: Flicks (small little kicks on the "AND" beat).
And - little right kick with foot in flexed position
1 - foot back on floor
And - little left kick with foot in flexed position
2 - foot back on floor
ETC..and, 3, and, 4...(8 counts total)

Now take these little "flicks" and move yourself around in a little circle while staying in place. Your arms just swing with the movement.

This should give you a 32 count block. You can repeat on left lead if desired.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you have. I have a LOT of Salsa patterns, and if desired will post them a little at a time. I'd love some feedback from others that teach a Salsa-based aerobics class. I'm the only one in my area that I know of. Thank you very much!

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