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Here is something I do to add variety to my cycling class every now and then. Have each participant bring a body bar into class. It lays nicely across the handlebars. I'll use 1-3 intervals with the bar. Tension on bike is moderate, speed is moderate too. Instruct your participants to keep one hand on the handle bars, while grabbing the bar with the other hand, sit up, then grab the bar with the other hand and pull it to your lap. This is better for the back than grabbing the bar with both hands and sitting up (you'd have no back support). Instruct the class to sit tall with abs contracted (as they should be anyway). With the bar in front of you, you can do bicep curls and upright rows. With the bar behind your back you can do hyperextensions and pulls (pull the bar up keeping it close to your spine). My class really enjoys the variety of this element and it's good to use your arms a little. I do not do any bar exercises with the bar over head. I feel it applies to much pressure to the lower back when you are in a seated position. When putting the bar back, put one end on the handlebars, and hold onto the handlebars while you put the other end down. Again this is to protect your back. Be sure to stretch the muscles you worked.

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