Sonia's Circle Tap Warm-up

This is a Warmup pattern from (pattern 11217)

Begin on the floor behind your step. Suggestions for arms follow move.

Part I (all moves are done alternately)

Repeat with a left lead.

Do the kicks on the right lead with a flexed foot and on the left lead with a pointed toe.

Part II

Repeat with a left lead.

Add your back warm up after doing parts I & II.
Make the circle taps larger as you progress through the warm-up. May repeat above two parts breaking it down to 64 or 32 counts.

Hi/Low goes to first combo OR:

Part III (transition to step)

Repeat with left lead.

If you want to add what you did on the floor to your step portion:

Circle taps (floor version): (1,2,3) tap the right toes front, side and back, (4) step in. Repeat left.

Circle taps (step version): (1,2) Step up right and left, (3-6) right toes tap front edge, side edge, back edge or floor, step on top, stay on top. (7-10) Repeat with left toes doing the tap. (11-18) Repeat right and left. (19,20) Exit right and left.

Hope you can use this! Email questions/comments. I love to hear from you!

Added by Sonia Lee at 3:57 AM on Wednesday, March 13, 2002 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Texas (USA)
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