Sweep Kick

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11219)

Many of you are probably not familiar with the sweep kick, but it starts similar to a round kick, where you step toward the target, pivot on this foot, but instead of bringing the opposite leg up and around to hit the target with the top of the foot (shoelace area), you, instead, bring the knee up and then bring it down toward the floor and sweep it back around away from the body. Basically, it simulates "sweeping" a target's feet out from under him. You want to make sure you get that all-important pivot in and to lean with it. This way, your class will work those oblique muscles.

So, here's a simple combination using the sweep kick: knee strike right, knee strike left, sweep kick right, punch left and repeat. Variations: do both knee strikes on the same side, so you alternate the combination: two knee strikes right, sweep kick left, and punch right, then alternate by starting with two knee strikes left, sweep kick right, and punch left. You can also punch down--requires a slight lunge, so the class is challenged even more, but make sure you do the punch at head height also, so they don't HAVE to lunge and punch downward. I usually just say "sweep kick, then finish the opponent off by adding a punch!"

Have fun with it!!

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