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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 11223)

Step is horizontal. Start each combination on the right lead. Exit means down-down!!

*Same thing as a regular stomp except you are starting from up on the bench. Some people call it a "chugga"

**One foot is on the bench and one on floor, (If you start this combo with the right lead, your left foot will be on the bench), do five pulses to the beat of the music in a squat position and go over the top. Over the top will be on 6-7-8. Your option is to do three pulses and a pendulum on 4-5-6 and tap down on 7-8.

***I got this one from this website!! Stomp on 1. Stomp on other side of the bench on 3. 2 and 4 are stomping on the floor in the same spot. (Just keep going right-left-right-left) Step up on the bench on 5 and kick 6 and exit.

****Starbust is a side leg tap down.

PLEASE email me with any questions!!! Thank you all for all your great combinations. I especially like the ones that include the counts!!

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From: Eugene, Oregon (USA)
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