Dutchie's first AALO homework assignment

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11224)

Several of you know that I started my AALO Aerobics Presenter Course 2 weeks ago. Turns out we do get homework and that's really a tough nut. Here is the choreo for my first assignment. Everything has to be taught starting from 2 basics - repeater (or as they call it profile segment #4).

Combo 1

Repeat left lead

Combo 2

Repeat left lead

I know there are too many turns in combo 2 for most participants. Even my own advanced regulars thought so, but I told them to follow me as far as they felt comfortable with and that I was only doing this because one of the exam requirements is that you have to teach one block with three 360-turns. They agreed on being my guinea pigs for the next few months so ...... :-)

Hey, they do call it the AALO Presenter Course!

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From: Roermond (The Netherlands)
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