Cardio Blocks and Noodles

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Before my students come to class I put out 12-15 noodles along the edge of the pool spaced about 2 feet apart. One noodle for each person. Above each noodle I tape to the wall a water cardio move like tuck jumps (jump up and as you jump you tuck your knees into your chest).

When the participants come to class they get in the pool in front of one of the noodles. We warm up together and then we are ready to begin. Each person does the cardio move taped to the wall in front of them. Examples are: moguls (skiing And tucking knees into alternating sides), power jumps, high kicks forward, basketball jumps, suspension moves, push ups Off the edge of the pool, heel curl jumps and so on. It should be a high intensity cardio move. We do this move for 2 minutes. We started with one and have gradually added time. My class is very fit. After each cardio segment we use the noodles to do noodle arm work. Each person grabs their noodle and we may do bicep curls, forearm work, shoulders and so on. This is important: while we are doing our noodle work, the last peson in the line jogs back to the front of the line. After our noodle work about 1-2 minutes everyone moves down one spot and we begin our next cardio segment.

We continue this through the whole class and end with abs. They loved it and say it is a killer class. I hope you can use the idea in some way.

Thanks for all of your great ideas. I check this site almost every week. I have never posted an idea before, but I hope it helps someone. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

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