Front & Back Again

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 11228)

Here are some more front & back combos for a double step class. Benches are horizontal. The bench in front is home, and the bench behind you is away. All explanations will follow at the bottom of the page. Right foot leads the way.

Repeat combos on Away back to Home

Repeat combos on Away back to Home

Repeat combos on Away back to Home

* Mambo cha cha - mambo right foot on the bench turn and cha cha on the floor.

** Syncopated turnstep - is a regular turnstep but as you come around you sort of shift your weight in the back leg so count 3 you are shifting onto that back leg.

*** Hitch kick over bounce two - follows the count 3 on the turnstep. So count 4 starts the hitch kick over count 5 & 6 are you stepping down to the floor & count 7 & 8 are the bounce two. Phewwwww

**** Double inside loop - is a turnstep on both boards, but you do it twice, so it brings you back to home again.

If you have any questions that I can try and clear up please feel free to email me.

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From: Buckley, Washington (USA)
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