A Little Bit Hi, A Little Bit Lo

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11230)

I've used this routine several times in my Hi-Lo class, and they really like it as it has a good variety of moves. Please enjoy!

Pattern 1

*Basic: Just step forward and back as though there was a step in front of you

Pattern 2, does not reverse

Pattern 3

Pattern 4, does not reverse

**Step kick: another step move. Step, kick, down, down, etc.

Pattern 5

***Heel toe slide, right lead: (1) start as heel dig, (2) put the toe on the floor, (3) right foot step to the side like you were doing a step touch-make it big, (4) left foot slides over next to the right foot. Then repeat, starting with the left heel.

Rocking horse, double knee, mambo combination, right lead: (1, 2) right foot steps forward as the left leg does a hamstring lift, (3,4) left foot steps back as right leg does a knee left, (5-8) repeat first 4 counts, (9-12) right foot steps down again as left knee repeats twice, (13-16) after the double knee, the left foot does the mambo. You are now ready to go on the left foot

Pattern 6

Pattern 7

Please email me with questions!

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