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Little bit of step, little bit of floor.

Warm Up

Block One (floor)

Recovery = step touch, alternate hamstring curl, to single, single, double

Recovery = grapevine, 2 V-step, 2 mambo, repeat

Block Two (step)

Recovery = L-step, low knee/side kick over step/low knee

Recovery = turnstep x 3, step kick x3

Block Three (floor)

Squat mania !!!
Wide stance squat

Cue here that we're going to mix this up - sticking to one side, squat/kick, squat/abduction, squat/glute squeeze - back to regular squat for 4 (turn toes out for plie squat), then do the same on the other side

I haven't tried this series yet but I'm guessing we might only be able to do each side twice with the three moves, have to see how they do (how much they complain!).

Block Four (vertical step)

Power this with hops, low on the straddle down

Recovery = over the top x3, mambo, kick, mambo, repeater tap

Recovery = over the top, mambo, kick, step tap/hop

Recovery = Heel taps on the floor forward, toe tap side, heel press back, march

We head for the tubing here and work different muscle groups. If we're doing active tubing work we don't cool down too much. If it's going to be all stationary I make sure those heartrates are near normal first.

I seldom teach a true 32 count in this class, at least on purpose (sometimes it just works out that way from my step experience). I follow the clock more on a lot of things. My floor intervals tend to be more intense and shorter. My step ones are longer and I'd guess loosely 2-3 minutes, depending on the choreo. Recoveries are often around one minute but I watch my class and allow water breaks often ("active water breaks" where I want them to keep their feet moving).

Anyone else with these types of classes, keep posting !! I'm getting tired of jacks and shuffles - need ideas !!!

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