Let's Kick and Clap

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Hi there. Bench is vertical. All combos are 32 count and self-reversing. This is my first submission....so go easy on me! Start on left side of bench with right lead....


Repeat left


Repeat left


Repeat left


Repeat left

*Kick & Clap:
Starting on left side of bench....step up right and kick with left leg clapping as you kick. Then, step on bench with left foot and kick with right foot and clap. Then, step on bench with right foot and kick again with left foot and clap. Straddle bench left and right.

I've seen this done different ways. This is how I do it....Start on right side of bench, left lead, facing front.... Step up left lead on back of bench lifting right knee. Step down on floor behind bench right & left. Step up on bench with right foot lifting left knee,exit left & right on left side of bench.

Boy...that was hard to do! Hats off to all of you who submit regularly! I especially like routines from Terri Kennedy-keep it up!

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