Lethal Leslie #10 - Double Step - Resubmitted

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11277)

Benches are vertical, starting in between the steps. Step on right is right step, step on left is left step. When you face the back, the steps switch. Basically it goes by right lead or left lead.


*Double dip - come up on the step right/left, lunge right leg 2Xs, on the second lunge instead of doing another knee up, right foot goes on the step (6) and left foot kicks out to side at same time, step down left/right (7,8)

Combo #1

Combo #2

*Step up on step left-right (1,2) (left foot at left corner and right foot at right corner), squat down up down (3,4,5), when you come up again on count 6 you scoot towards right end and kick the right leg out at same time, step down right-left (7,8) you are now facing the step.

Combo #3

Combo #4

Orbit is similar to revolving door.

Combo #5

*Kick & mambo - kick on the step, turn to opposite corner but on the floor and mambo cha cha back to the front

You might find combo 3 hard to understand. If you do please email me with questions. Sorry it's been a while. But like I said my computer went down. Also I haven't been able to use the computer much in the last few months. I've only had time to check my email. But work is slow so I am trying to type combos at work and then go on line at home at night. Sorry.

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