Gym Girl's Cycle Cool Down/Stretch

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A fellow cyclist from Illinios requested some cool down ideas, so here's mine:

**Pedal at a "walking" pace with resistance on "one" or off.(very slowly) Place palm of right hand in the center of handlebars. Cross left hand/arm over, placing fingers forward, on the end of the handle bar. Weight in left palm. Drop right shoulder downward. Feel the stretch throughout each pedal stroke on left side of body. Notice the legnthening along left shoulder to hip at the bottom of each pedal stroke. Reverse hands and repeat stretch on right.

**Return to center; sit up tall, contract abdominals and hold contraction while breathing with diaphragm. Place hands on hips. Rotate torso to right, look down and behind you. Repeat to left side. Then release abs.

**Stop pedaling, one leg down, one up. Stand in pedals, one heel down, calf stretch. Pedal backwards to reverse legs and repeat stretch on other side.

**Remove one foot from pedal. Bring heel up in back for quad stretch. Sit lightly in seat.
**You could do hamstring stretch here...same leg over handlebar, lean forward from hip and relax arms. Point and flex foot. Repeat other side.

**Dismount bike and stand to one side of bike. Step back with one toe (as if for lunge), lift heel off floor, pull hip and knee forward and under: HOLD. Hipflexor stretch.

**Step to side for side lunge....lift toe off floor.

**Step together, feet about hip width apart for back stretch, hands above knees on thighs. Round up and hold. Repeat lunge to other side.

Good luck with these!

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From: Tucson, Arizona (USA)
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