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Warm Up:

Combo 1: Picking up the Intensity

Combo 2: Starting to Move

Combo 3: Getting Down and Dirty

This is a combination of some of the best moves I've seen in step classes, and some moves I made myself. The classes I teach LOVE it, because it gets you moving and doesn't let you stop. It is perfect for any class, because it has some funk in it, and lets people express themselves. Email me if you have any questions or comments--I would love to hear from you!

"up out in down out in": Step on top, march wide, back in, step down, out wide, back in

"mambo forward and back": mambo on the bench, turning toward the bench, cha cha to the back of the room, mambo with other foot and cha cha back to the bench

"V-turn-hop": V-step onto bench, hold on top, rotate hips around in a circle, step back to center or hop x2, then take it down to the floor

"Figure-8": over, walk around, over, walk around

"Knee twist": Repeater variation--Knee up, step down, twist torso toward the other side of the room, knee up, step down

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From: Washington, DC (USA)
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