Karate Kick

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This move is a blast. I use it in all sorts of combinations and it adds some depth to your step workout. Some of you may already know it because I learned it from a "Step Veteran" a few years ago...although, I think she made it up. I'll describe as though we're moving to the right corner of the front of the bench after a corner to corner kicks. Here goes: step up facing right corner of your bench with left foot (1) knee lift with right leg (2), and bring right leg down to floor and walking backwards (3) walk backwards two more steps starting with left foot, walking on the floor away from the bench at a diagonal (4, 5) kick front with the right leg kickboxing style (6), from the kick, the right leg walks forward, then the left leg walks up to the bench (7, 8)....and there you are at the bench to do whatever... another Karate Kick if you're just teaching it...or whatever you want facing that diagonal direction. Is that confusing?...here's how I call it: "step up, knee lift walk it back for 3, kick, up for two". Of course I don't say all of that instruction every time...just when I'm teaching it. I usually go into a single outer thigh lift or hamstring curl corner to corner next because it's nice to do something basic after this fancy step.

Try it! My classes LOVE it and get psyched when I work it in. I think it reminds them of doing the hustle/kickboxing style!!! :-)

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