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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11298)

Hey you guys, I'm procrastinating, trying to avoid getting back to my term paper. At least this doesn't have to be APA style ;)

Bench is vertical, all combos 32 counts and self-reversing. Approach from left side of step

Repeat left lead

*on the shuffle bench-floor, do 2 shuffle turns, then take the second shuffle turn off the bench. Same movement, just on the floor. I give props to Victoria Johnson for this one- she rocks!

** oh, and a booty lift is the same as a glute press or an arabesque.

Repeat left

*Broadway kick- this move is in here somewhere, thank you to the author! it's a kick, walk back 2 steps, kick other leg, walk up two steps. Then the mambo bench and over, do a regular mambo on the bench, then step wide and mambo over the bench. This move is not for people with weak ankles, I give them the option to do two mambos on the bench, and if they have two or three risers, they ought to keep it on the bench as well.

Repeat left

*Knee/straddle/reverse hopturn: step, lift left knee, straddle down left-right, step up left foot, lift right knee and hop on the left foot, turning over your right shoulder to exit back. Low option: two alternating knees.

**Stomp around the bottom: left foot up (remember you just came off the repeater knee, so you are on the left lead and facing the back wall, I usually teach it facing front and then turn 'em) stomp 3x with the left foot moving around the bottom end so that you face front on the right side of the bench, then exit back like the 2nd half of a mambo

Thanks everybody for the great ideas! Any questions, I'll check the moves board . . . post more vertical patterns!

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