Cardio Mix Challenge

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 11500)

This format is designed for interval training--hard-core cardio + strength conditioning segments alternated--or this can be used strictly as a Hi/Lo training segment (just leave out the strength intervals). The aerobic combos work great with fast music (140-160). For the strength conditioning segment, though, use step music (120-135 BPM). Cue your music wisely! Good luck!

Note: Each line is a full eight count; four lines, then, equals a 32-count combination; each combination is right foot lead and then repeats to lead left.

Combo #1:

Repeat left lead

* Step right/left/right, kick; step left/right/left, kick; add punches with kicks for strength and toning

** Step touch hands = step right + lift right hand as if holding a tray (1/2); step left + lift left hand in same fashion(3/4); step right + "raise the roof" (5) lower hands to shoulder level (6)--repeat 7/8.

Do right side and left side successively 2-3 times. Move into first strength conditioning segment. Some tips:

Tube: Leg abduction followed by shoulder abduction OR
Weights: Dumbbell squats followed by bicep curls OR ... You choose!

Combo #2:

Repeat left lead

Do right side/left side successively (x2), and then do the 1st combo followed by the 2nd combo right/left (x2)

Now move into your 2nd strength conditioning segment! Some tips:

Weights: Tricep overhead extensions and/or tricep kickbacks followed by bent over lateral raises for traps and rear delts and/or bent over dumbbell rows for traps OR
Tube: Tricep overhead extensions followed by upright rows followed by Lat pull downs OR . . .You choose!

Combo #3:

Repeat left lead

Do right side/left side successively (x3), and then do all three combos, right/left, 3x through! Thereafter, end with a cool down of your choice--lowering the heart rate slowly and surely is a must. :)

I then move into walking lunges with optional weights in hand, move to ab work, and then end the session with a deep stretch.


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