Aqua Ball A Balloon Game

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 11510)

This is not a pattern, but a workout game.

Things needed to get started: Volleyball net, two different color balloons for two teams. Any number of participants can play, preferred even number on teams but not necessary.

Object of the game: To get as many balloons (your team color) to the other side before time runs out. Keep opposite team from getting theirs over to your side. When time is up the balloons are counted and the team with the most number of balloons over the other side winns! Time may be counted by the clock or you can go by a song. When the song ends, time runs out. Sing along songs are always fun! Unlike volleyball everyone stays busy. What a workout! If done on a holiday can use colors of holiday to dress up the holiday. Example: black and orange (team) for Halloween. This game can be added to regular class schedule, or can be played the whole class time. Just don't forget to warm-up. My class can't stop playing once they get started. For more serous playing innings can be done. You have to try it! My class loves the change and the workout. Let me know how wild your class gets.

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From: Amarillo, Texas (USA)
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