Water Works Over Texas

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11508)

This is not a pattern, but a idea!

I use this for Fourth of July. Instead of fireworks, we have water works. There are two different ways to do this. Wet and Wild, have participants B.Y.O.W.G. (bring your own water gun) You got it, it's wet and wild. We take our horse (noodle) and the chase is on. Have participants travel length of pool, doing cycling, cross-country, jogging moves. When out of ammo, we mount off and it is time for the water works to start. We do power moves with lots of water action. Hight jumps and lots of arms movements, try to get water up high. For music we use the "Star Spangel Banner" it is wet and wild. Not for someone who does not want to get hair wet! Using hydro-fit dumbbells, we do title waves across the length of pool. Jog accross and circling arms making big giant waves. We end this, with a water balloon fight.

The other way is a low key water workout, for those who don't want to wet their hair. We workout to marching music decorating the pool with red, white and blue balloons. Have trivia questions inside of the balloons. Class is divided in half and the side who can answer the question correctly first gets to name the exercise for the other team to do for one minute, while the winning team easy jogs. Happy water works from your water friends over Texas, (Amarillo)! Aqua World 1

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From: Amarillo, Texas (USA)
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