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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11541)

Hi guys, I love this site. Thanks so much for all your advice/ suggestions, I use this site so much!!!! This is my first suggestion/addition. Any questions, email me!!!

In right guard, right stance, right foot forward, right hand jab, double time, then take it to a squat, your body will be facing the left side of the room, which I call a duck, or a squat. From the right squat, take it to a right side kick, duck again, then add another ride side kick and guard. So it goes like this.....

Jab, jab, squat (duck) (right) kick, squat, kick and guard. I repeat this several times. Then, take it to right and left punches to the front of the room. Hold it here for four sets of eight, take it to...

Squat, right knee up, squat, left knee up, for 8x, then take it to squat, right front snap, squat left snap, for 8x, then squat, ride side, and squat left side for 8x. You can repeat this a few times, then head into a left hand jab and repeat the whole combo on the left side.. This goes...

Left jab, jab, squat, left kick, squat, kick, and guard, repeating several times!

I hope ya'll enjoy it!

Take care!

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From: Schertz, Texas (USA)
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