Rev...up Resistance Partner Noodle Fun

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Thanks to the all the instructors for their great submissions. I decided it was about time I submitted one myself. I have a wonderful response ALWAYS from my participants when we "noodle up"! Hope your participants also enjoy them.

Must have an equal number of participants unless you are available in the water. These are done in shallow classes. One noodle is shared between each partner. One partner wraps the noodle around their waist and holds it there with their hands. Although some do prefer to leave at chest height and move their arms. The other partner stands behind them and holds onto the ends of the noodle. Each movement is completed then they switch off and repeat for each partner.

The below patterns will be labelled partner #1 is the front and partner #2 is at the back. In all patterns both participants are resisting against each other.

You could probably think of some more, but remember limitations with arms. Here are some cues I use: #1 (move as fast as you can, go-go-go, escape), #2 (pull em' back, pull-pull-pull) - I tend to focus more on #2 reminding them that it is their job to make it hard for their partner. Note: try to partner up in relative strength so that each partner will feel successful.

I hope you enjoy them, my participants love them and it never fails to get them smiling and enjoying the challenge! Email any questions.

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