Hustle Where?? (Sonia's #21)

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Hi all! This can be easily adapted for various levels. The basic move is followed by the upgraded levels, other suggestions follow. The step is horizontal. Combos are 32 counts and self-reversing.

Combo 1

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 2.

Combo 2

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 3.

Combo 3

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 4.

Combo 4

See below for variations on this combo.

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 5.

Combo 5

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 6.

Combo 6

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 7.

Combo 7

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 1.

Combo 1:
A hustle is 3 marches and a tap or knee or heel.

Combo 2:
Note: if you use the turnover split basic then you will have to turn the knees also.

*Turnover split basic: (1,2) step up right and left turning to face the back, (3,4,5,6) tap back right and up, tap back left and up, (7,8) step down right and left. you are facing the back.

*Turning knees on top: as you do the 3 knee lifts on top of the step turn in a tight little circle on top so you face the front again. As you knee lift turn do little hops to release the ankle. Exit left/right.

Combo 3:
*Turning L-steps: (1,2) step right at the left end, lifting left knee, (3,4) turn in as you exit left/right at the narrow end so you are facing the back, (5,6, 7,8) do a half L-step with knee off the north side - you are still facing back, (9,10,11,12) step right, do 1/2 L-step (this is at the northeast corner) with knee lift turning in to face the front again - you are now at the east or right end of the step, (13,14,15,16) 1/2 L-step with a knee lift to home.

Combo 4:
Note: try one squat to step, come on top with a clap clap, squat off the opposite side, come top clap clap, squat off home side and exit home side on the clap clap.

Combo 4 variations:
3x Turnstep & squat (24)
1 Revolving door (8)
2x Turnstep, squat, over the top (24)
Turnstep and squat (8)

Combo 5:
The 16 count diagonal and march around is a "Bowtie."

Combo 6:
*Abductor swings: (1,2,3,4) Abduct & turn in on 3/4 to face the back, (5,6,7,8) abduct & turn in on 7/8 to face the front.

Combo 7:
*Rock "n" fly: On counts 5/6 do a hop turn over the step to face the back. The second time will bring you back to face the front.

*Boomerang: (1,2,3,4) Turnstep into a straddle, (5,6,7,8) step up right and swing the left leg back to home, exit left and right.

If there are levels I have not explained that you would like to try please email me. I hope you can use these. Let me know what you think - I love your feedback!

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From: Texas (USA)
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