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Hi guys -- here's a pattern I developed last week. The class seemed to like it because it's got a bit of choreography and a bit of intensity too.

Horizontal step, starting with left lead:

Block #1:

Block #2:

Block #3:

Block #4:

Now you are ready to start block #1 again, starting with right lead this time.

* Alternating stall: this move is described in Boyfriend's Syncopated Triplet Pattern #11373 like this:

4 of these gives you 12 beats and the last 4 beats are taken care of with the step kick, taking you to 16.

This move can be made more advanced by adding straddles: Straddle down with the first one, walk through (don't straddle) with the second, straddle with the third and walk through with the fourth. This will take you all around the step (a lot like revolving door) with the step kick taking you to the other lead leg so next time you're turning in the other direction.

** If you want to add intensity, keep them doing the mambo cha-cha on the floor, and encourage them to cover as much ground as they can -- the more distance they cover, the harder they're working!

*** Diagonal lunge: Just a diagonal corner to corner with 2 alternating side lunges from the step before you exit to the floor.

**** Squat across the bench: Each step takes 2 counts in this segment and you are doing a deep squat with each one -- Foot closest to the bench steps up, other foot steps up beside it; first foot steps to middle of bench, other foot steps in beside it; first foot steps to other end of bench, other foot steps beside it; first foot steps off end of bench, other foot steps beside it. Then step back up on the bench and do the same thing in the other direction. Holy quads!

***** The 2 basic can be intensified by changing it to a run-run or by substituting one split basic.

Ok, that's it -- email me with questions!

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