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Step is horizontal. Anything with 2 stars (**) has an explanation following.


Explanations (all start on right foot for argument's sake):

*Weave: AKA (also known as) grapevine over, scissor over, crossover, popover, swing over, swing behind, sail over. It's sort of a tapless over-the-top. (count 1) right foot on top (2) left leg crosses behind right (3) left foot down on floor (4) right foot down on floor.

*Stomp: AKA chug, pegleg, gutter walk, flat tire. Just stomp your foot on the step. (count 1) right foot stomps on step (2) left foot steps on floor.

*Over quick: A double time over-the-top, rock behind on the floor. (count 1) right foot up, left foot up (2) right foot down on opposite side of step (3) left foot steps behind right (4) right foot steps in place on floor. (it feels a LOT like a chasse on the floor. In fact, Chasse Over might be a better name for it, but I've already trained my class for "Over quick.")

*2 / Jack / 3: 2 lunges back, one jack, 3 lunges back. (Count 1) Right foot up (2) left up (3) right lunges back (4) right on top (5) left lunges back (6) left up (7-8) feet jack out and in on top of the step (9-14) lunge back right/left/right (15-16) right foot down, left foot down. (I call it a "2/Jack/3," but I often end up having to cue the whole thing anyway -- "Up up 2 lunges, one jack, 3 lunges back")

*Across the top, turn: Across the top, then a 180 degree turn on the floor (the 2nd across-the-top faces the back). Starting on the side of the step, (count 1) right foot up, moving across the bench (2) left foot up, moving across the bench (3-4) right down on floor, left down on floor, with a 180 turn. Once they get it, you can just cue, "Cross, turn." Note that the turn happens *on the floor,* not while crossing. Also note that I call moving over the bench the SHORT way "over-the-top," while moving over the bench the LONG way is "across-the-top." (some people say "over longways" or something equally confusing -- it makes more sense to me to give the moves completely different names.)

*Hangover: Like a V-step while facing front, but with only one foot on the step. (count 1) step right foot on step (2) step left foot on floor at side of step (3) right foot down on floor (4) left foot comes together with right.

*Kick, mambo back: (Count 1) Right foot steps on left corner (2) Left foot kicks (3-4) step left-right, turning to the back (5) Right foot mambos on floor (facing back)(6) left foot steps on floor behind right (7-8) Walk back to step left-right-left (this is the cha-cha-cha for the mambo). (Start with step kick on one corner, mambo on the other corner, then, when they have that, turn the mambo to face the back)

*Broadway knee: Step knee, walk backward 3 steps and kick, walk back to step. (count 1) step right foot on step (2) lift left knee (3) left foot down (4) step backward with right foot (5) step backward with left foot (6) kick right leg (7) step forward with right foot (8) step forward with left foot. (I cue it, "step knee, walk it back, kick.")

Freeze knee: AKA Hop the knee, Stick the knee, Hesitation, Hold the knee. Hop up on the step with the knee lifted, hold one count. (count 1) right foot hops up on left corner, knee lifted (2) hold in place (3) left foot down (4) right foot down.

L-step, turn behind: An 8-count L-step with a 360 degree turn on counts 6-8, traveling to the opposite corner. (counts 1-4) L-step off the left side (5) right foot on step (6) turn over left shoulder toward the back (7-8) walk left-right to right corner.

*Pony hop repeater: Lift alternating knees with big hops, like a rocking horse: (Count 1) right foot on bench (2) lift left knee, with a hop on the step with right foot (3-4) lift right knee high with a hop on the floor with left foot (5-6) lift left knee, with a hop on the step with right foot (7-8) right foot down, left foot down.

I don't usually say "Repeat other side" unless you absolutely have to in order to get back on the correct side of the step for the next combination. However, if you want to repeat each combination twice, go right ahead.

Please email me with questions, comments, praise, or criticism. Thanks as always to everyone who submits!

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