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Combo 1

Repeat other side

Combo 2

Repeat other side

Combo 3

Repeat other side

Combo 4

Repeat other side

* Knee and heel - (1) Step up right, (2) lift left knee, (3) step down left, (4) right heel on step

** Speed step - right heel is already on step, (1) jump right foot onto floor and left toe on step, (2) change positions so left foot is on floor and right toe on step, (3) swithch positions again, (4) switch positions again

*** Y-step - (1-2) Step up wide right, left, (3-4) bring feet together on step right, left, (5-6) step down on the floor right and left, (7-8) Step up right and left

**** Kick over - you start facing the side (1) kick left leg, (2) place left leg down on other side of the step, (3) kick right leg, (4) place right leg down next to left

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