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This is my first post ever. I just started teaching stability ball and there deosn't seem to be too much out there for this. All of my moves are not really my moves!!!! Borrowed of course!!! I hope you understand it.

Starting with legs.
Place ball up against wall with wieght in front of it to keep it from rolling around. Now stand over ball with feet shoulder width apart. Squat down over ball but don't sit down; allow glutes to barely tap ball and up. Do 12 of these and then pulse for 12 in squated position over ball. Then repeat one more time. Next, have ladies sit back on ball, feet still shoulder width apart toes facing forward now do what I call reverse squat (come half way up to standing position. Only half way up) Then back down don't sit on ball (I say halfway up and down, half way up and down) do 12 of these and than pulse in that 1/2 way up stance. Than repeat one more time. As they get more advanced at these I hold the pulse stance longer and than we hold static no pulsing. My ladies start screaming with these.

Next we move to upper body
Lying over the top of the ball (ball in the groin area, legs are at a wide stance on floor for stability) we do reverse flies (tell the class to pretend they have a pencil between shoulder blades and to try to squeeze the pencil at the open portion of the fly. Do 12 of these then I do 2 pulse 4 counts at the top open portion of the fly. And repeat another set of these. (we use 5 to 8 pound weights here)

From here we go straight into push up. Have the class take ball to the knee or if they are more advanced to the ankle area (abs tight back flat) and do set of 12 push ups or variation of 8 push ups then hold push up down low for 8 count and then 8 full push ups again.

Then back to back again
Ball again at the groin area and now I do rows again telling the ladies that they should picture a pencil between the shoulder blades and they should try to squeeze it there so they know they are getting the area they should be working out. 2 sets of 12 of these. (we use 5 to 8 pound weights here)

Then push ups again. (The ladies love to move around on the ball)

From here we sit on top of the ball
Shoulder work we just sit on the ball and do military presses. I change up the count on these first up one and down one, then maybe up on a three count and down on one count, then reverse that order. Then we will do side raises, still working shoulders (different count variation) and maybe front raises if time and stamina allows, (we use 5 to 10 pound weights here)

From here we start with triceps still sitting on top of the ball, with overhead extensions. I tell my ladies to extend arms straight overhead elbows are at the ears lower weight and up keeping elbows at ears so that they don't let their elbows go to the side. 2 sets of 12 of these are pretty good in the beginning tell them if they get too easy to go up in there weights (we use 2-5 to 10 pound weights here crossing them together at the top)

From here I go to biceps
Go from sitting on top of the ball roll down so that the ball is in your middle to lower back for support (this should feel like a comfortable seated position without having the ball under your bottom. I hope you can understand this) Place the elbows as close to your waist as possible on the ball this will almost mimic a concentration curl type move with the elbows on the ball at your sides it will not allow you to swing your arms. The ladies will have there arms going in all directions for these curls so I first tell them as they curl the first few bicep curls allow the weights to graze the sides of there thighs so they keep their arms close to the body. Now do bicep curls. I will do these for a set of 12 and then we will only come half way up and down for 12, then up and only half way down for 12 and then a complete set of 12 all the way up all the way down. Then for another bicep move sit back on top of the ball and do hammer curls 2 sets of 12 of these should be good at first. (we use 5 to 10 pound weights here)

This is my first time so I hope that you guys are not too confused. If you have questions please let me know. This is about my whole library of moves for the ball class so if anyone has some new stuff please let me know (I'm healthymomma, I check the moves all of the time on tbb so please pass it on, I'm looking for new stuff)

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