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Here is a good, easy to teach, military/bootcamp, style obstacle course, with strength training. It will complete an hour class!

I usually set up 5 different obstacles, I work with a small space, so in a larger space more obstacles could be added.

Smaller classes 4-5 can go through the course as a group. For larger classes, divide them into groups and give the grouped numbers. As each group go the remaining groups stay in the middle and do jacks, jump rope, pushups, crunches, etc...

                         BACK OF THE ROOM

1.up, up,                         2.zig zig
  down, down                        shuffle

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                   C  C  C  C  C

4.jumpovers                       3.tirerun

  ---------                         R   R   R   R   R   R
                                    R   R   R   R   R   R

5.sprint -> -> -> -> -> ...

We go through and course 1-2 times then go to the middle of the room, while were waitng for everyone to finish we do jacks, jump rope, pushups, crunches etc...

When everyones in the middle we do conditioning...

Then we warm it up by doing jacks, jumping rope, taking laps around the room, etc... and go through the course and conditioning segments as many times as we have time!

End with AB work and a good stretch! =]

Remember safety first, if you need to bring it down a notch, or modify for your participants needs-do it! Yes, bootcamp should provide a different atmosphere but teach within the range of your participants.


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From: New México (USA)
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