Aussie Spinning Around Down Under

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Hi Guys
I'm using this for my class tonight, once again thanx to all those who contributed - your moves are all soooooooooooooooooooo great.

Board is horizontal and Blocks are all TAP FREE !
Right lead




** I have heard this name but I made this up last night and decided to use the name merry go round. Do a 6 point turnstep plus one more turnstep 1-8. Step off the board doing spinning away from the board doing a full circle to face back where you started. If you started with a right lead on the first turnstep you would step off the board with your right foot and pivot on the left foot to face home again 9-11. Stomp left foot on board 12. Step it off and do a shuffle/scissor on the floor 13-16 **


eg: right lead
**1/2 L-step left corner - right lead - step left knee 1-2. Step off to the side and go straight into a grapevine & right leg curl 3-6. Step right and leg curl on the left leg & turn to face the back of the room 7-8. Do a left lead mambo facing the back of the room and then a right lead mambo facing the front of the room 9-13. Do a big spin to get back home/behind the board 14-16 **


Phew !
Hope you enjoy

Email me if you have any Q's or ideas to improve.
Rgds Claire

Hi Miss Dale, haven't heard from you in a while, let me know what you think.

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From: Townsville (Australia)
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