More Tapless from Kate (advanced)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 11615)

All combos 32 counts and self-reversing and, as always, tapless. Horizontal step. Each line of each combo is 8 counts unless otherwise specified.

Combo #1

*Double lunge pop - facing side, up with lead leg (1), up with other leg (2), lunge side with lead leg (3), bring lunge to knee up (4), lunge again with lead leg (5), bring lead leg back to step (6), exit toward home down down (7,8) *1/2 L squat - knee up (1,2), exit side down down - stepping off with other leg and then lead leg (3,4), squat out wide on floor with other leg (5,6), bring same leg back in and squat with feet together (7,8) *Finish L - you are on the side of the step, knee up and exit back to home (like the second 1/2 of the L) (1-4)

Combo #2

*Repeater rock - knee up (1,2), step down (3), knee on floor (4), step over step (5), knee on floor (6), step over step (7), knee on floor (8)

*Over over lunge - some call it flip over, or revolving door - there's no tap, so both times you go over, you're leading with the same leg, and then I combine it with a split basic kind of - the first over the top is regular (1-4), the second one you step up (5,6) and then before you exit you lunge back two times alternating (7,8,1,2, you'll be facing front for these lunges because you've already gone over the top once) and then exit (3,4)

*Instep - like a front kick only turned out and slightly bent (attitude for you dancers out there :) and you reach the opposite arm toward the instep of the kicking foot

Combo #3

*Chug turn kick - stomp on the step, bottom leg lifts a bit (1), return bottom leg to floor (2) repeat (3,4) turnstep but instead of tapping at end, kick side over the step like a karate kick (5-8)

*X - up, up (1,2) straddle down stepping forward (3,4) up, up (5,6) straddle down stepping backward (7,8)

*Hoop shoot - aka basketball - step up (1) hop on top of step and bring arms up as if you're shooting a basketball (2), exit (3,4)

Combo #4 (brain break)

Combo #5

*Mambo etc - you just finished diagonal over the top, you stay facing side when you exit, but you step down, down (no tap) so it's like you're walking through - the leg closest to the back of the room 1/2 mambos forward on the floor to the corner (1,2 on the same diagonal direction you just took over the top) walk backwards toward your step 2X (3,4) on (4) you're kind of turning back toward your step step up onto your step (5) for the repeater

I'm so tired so hopefully I caught all my mistakes... email with any questions

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From: Alexandria, Virginia (USA)
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