Movin 'Round Maui

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Combo 1 start right lead

Goes right into left lead

Combo 2

When you get to the other side of bench go right into the broadway kick and start combo over on new side

Combo 3

Repeat left lead

If you are not familiar with a tahoe tap: from short end of bench facing front, right foot on bench (1), left knee up (2), left foot taps down on floor(3) and then comes onto bench (4) (where right foot in planted) sending right foot out to other end of bench into a quick squat (5), right foot comes back to left (6), left goes to floor (7), right foot follows (8) back to begin position. It is quick and fun, but also requires class to keep up mentally with the quick foot change.

I have found so much on this site (like the knee repeater on the move) thank you to all who submit! Please email and questions...but please email how this works for you!!!

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From: Maui, Hawaii (USA)
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