Jody's Double - Hope I can Explain It

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 11619)

Double step starting from the middle (the trench) benches are 4 to 5 feet apart. 64 counts - self reverse - tapless.

 X       X
 X       X
 X     o X
 1ST    Home

Reverse start on 1st left foot lead.

*Stomp straddle 1/2 around (6 counts) right foot lead - right foot step up on 1 left foot slightly lifts, left foot step down on floor on 2 right foot slightly lifts, right foot straddle bench on 3 left foot slightly lifts, left foot steps up on bench on 4 starting to turn, right foot steps down next to bench on 5 completing the turn and left foot comes down next to right foot on 6 (then you go into your up 1 lunge exit - making it 12 counts)

** Knee walk back & kick- chasse - right foot lead - right foot step up 1, lift left knee on 2, left foot down to floor on 3 start turning to back corner, right foot steps to back corner on floor 4, left foot steps toward corner on 5, right foot kicks to corner on 6, then chasse or shuffle towards front of 1st bench 7&8 right/left/right. So you start on front corner of Home bench and end on front corner of 1st. Phewww - hope you got it.

If you need further explanation, please email.

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