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Sports/interval/step class

Hey, everyone, this is my second submit. I love to teach more of a sports/althletic/interval step class. Not dancey choreograpy. I want to share ideas with some of you that teach this way. Get in touch with me...JUNEBUG AND the person who submitted BLACK RED FLAG DAY!!!! I would love to share ideas with you, but you didn't leave your email.

This is an interval classs and it is killer!! Trust me, I have tried this in my last three classes, and some of the people said it was the best work out they have had in awhile...I aim to please!

Only set up 1/2 the amount of steps to the number of participants. Line steps up more in middle of the gym, in straight rows, so as you would run across the gym, the steps are not all in the way. Leave the outer perimeter of the gym open. We have about a half-court sized gym for our aerobics classes. It has black lines around outside, that I have participants use as a guideline.

In this class, you are going to warm-up, then split into two groups, so the outside line of people does not get too congested. Half the people are going to be running around outside of gym, doing different drills that I will describe below, while the other 1/2 will be at the benches, doing a step/interval move. The segments will be around 1 1/2 minutes long (90 seconds), moving around perimeter of gym clockwise, then next time counter-clockwise, for lead leg purposes.

Psyche everyone out to go at their own pace, modify as needed, and PUSH themselves!! It is not competition, so don't worry if you get passed, and if you can work harder than the person in front of you...DO!!! Tell them anytime they need to stop and get a drink, or walk, listen to their own body, then, AS THE INSTRUCTOR, You Must Push Yourself, so others will follow!! You will get out of this class what you put into it!

Warm Up:
Jump rope, any style...3-4 minutes, while you describe the class format.

The first "Run" around the gym will be:

The group at the bench will do these moves, each in 90-100 second segments, then move to outside drill, then come back for the next step drill. Any interval moves can be used, these are just some ideas of what I have tried:

Jog/walk to catch breath, do one or two more times, depending on group.

So, one half of the class is doing the running move around gym for a good minute and a half to minute and 40 seconds, then they go to bench and do what the other group just did, then they go back to outside, and go the opposite direction. I did the first 2-4 outside times like I said above, then changed to:

Good luck! This is a great class! Change of routine! Let me know if you tried it and how it went and if you have any questions. They do better the second time around. They can be a little leery the first time, but it goes smoother the next time you try it... they will know what to do.

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