Warmup that's Grape fun!

This is a Warmup pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11623)

To introduce the pattern, begin simply with these 16-count blocks:

Now tell students that you will do the same footwork but facing different directions; the three grapevines will form an "L" shape; call it a "Grapevine-L."

Adding directional changes:

Grapevine right; Take the left grapevine UP toward front of room (while facing right side of room); take the right grapvevine BACK toward back of room (still facing right side of room). Face front for the tap & march.

Add on four out-in squats (left leg squats out to side, bring legs together, clap hands twice).

(This now becomes a full 32-count block; repeat beginning with LEFT grapevine)

If students seem to be confused at first on the directional changes, add hand signals. (POINT in the direction you want them to go, as you cue, "take the right grapevine up; left one, back" etc.)

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