Choreography Hog!

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My class is full of choreography hogs! I taught this Saturday AM to begin Memorial Day Weekend!

I call the front of the step where the step is in front of you facing the front of the room. The back being facing the back of the room.

Combo #1

Repeat left lead

*Ball change repeater: Step knee right, ball change on top left, step knee right and exit back

*Knee rock: Step knee left (1-2), wide on top facing front rock hips right/left (3-4), Step knee right on top exit down to face front

Combo #2

Repeat left

*Step up mambo: Step up left - mambo off left chase' on top - mambo off right chase' on top - step down, down off front, revolve over to home

Combo #3

Repeat left

*Rocking chair...: Rocking chair around left corner 6 counts on 7th count walk over step and walk left/right (this will put you left lead to double knee)

*Step knee rock knee: Step knee on left corner facing the right front corner with right lead - step down left lift right knee - step back and chase' right

*Push turn: Wide up - step knee on top - walk off end and around (the knee that is up is the foot that steps off)

Combo #4

Repeat left lead

*Turning knees: Step knee left/right turning on top to exit on opposite end step down on count 5 left lead - knee, lunge, knee (ready to step with right lead)

*Turning curb walk: Chug on, over, on right lead travelling forward to left end walk, walk left/right turing during the 2 count walk-walk and ending on back side

Questions? Email me!

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