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I'm back! So, I'm seeing a lot of music lists and I think that's great, but we haven't really talked about the techniques in which we use our music. As a cycling/triathlon coach, I'm constantly watching form and movement to ensure that my team will place in thier respective age groups everytime. Here are some real simple methods for indoor cycling classes that I use to combine a great workout with improving one's cycling skills:

Climbs - If seated, have your students push their hips as far back on the saddle that they can. This will take stress off the quads by engaging more of the hip flexors and glutes and keep them from "mashing" the pedals. Hips forward on the saddle equals more power output, while hips back on the saddle equals more endurance output. There should be no stress in the upper body and students should be relaxing from the sternum upwards. The core should also be engaged. Shoulders are down and arms are totally relaxed. Grabbing the handle bars too hard will compress the diaphragm and start to inhibit breathing, and students should also keep the chest up to be able to open up the lungs.

If standing, keep your weight in your hips. The hips don't really need to be all the way back over the saddle as long as the body is hinged at the hips. Personally, my chest is over the fly wheel of the bike but I'm not standing straight up. Standing straight up, or "running", will put too much stress on the knee cartilage over a period of time. While standing, try pulling the knees up over the top of the pedal stroke and engaging more hip flexor instead of just pushing down with the quads and glutes. Remember that you're using more muscles while in the standing position, so you don't want to smoke your quads before the end of class. You'd be amazed at how strong your hip flexors really are.

Here some other tips:

Questions? Email me.

Stay True,
Andy MacDonald
Capitol Punishment
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Washington, DC

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