Rollie, Punch and Pray

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I get the greatest ideas from this website which make me look good, which in turn challenges my group both physically and mentally. Thank you!

This is an adaptation of an exercise I learned in Tae Kwon Do. Break each part for teaching, then put altogether. It's a killer!


Sitting up, feet on floor (and to be kept there), hands together in front. Roll back to your right "cheek" leaning right and lower back without touching the floor, holding abs tight (don't let your back arch); cross over to your left "cheek" and roll up to sitting. This is like going in a giant circle. Beginners can roll on the floor, and/or push up with their elbows.


From the sitting position on the rollie, lean back, feet on floor, punch to center pressing through the knees x 8.


After the 8 punches, feet still on the floor, leaning back further (holding abs tight to protect the lower back - beginners should sit more forward), twist side to side touching the elbows to the floor.

We do 8 sets in my class with 1 set equal to 1 roll to the right, 8 punches, 8 prays. Start #2 with a left Rollie, then #3 to the right, etc. Very few make it to the 8th set and they are groaning by the 4th!

Write if you have any questions and keep up the great ideas!

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