Movers and Shakers

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 11655)

I tried this one out the other day and they LOVED the change of pace.

Break group into 2 sections (works best with group less than 12) and place each section on opposite walls. Designate one side MOVERS and the other side SHAKERS. MOVERS always "move" first and "shake" second, while SHAKERS "shake" first and "move" second.

I pick two complimentary exercises, like Jacks and Jacks-in-3. The MOVERS do jacks forwards across pool for 8 and backwards for 8, while the SHAKERS do the jacks-in-3 in place. Then I announce the SWITCH OFF. MOVERS now do the SHAKER's jacks-in-3 while the SHAKERS do the MOVER's jacks forward and back.

Keep every thing in pairs, make sure they do the "moves" backwards as well as forward (except for Rocking Horses - I have them turn for that one), and try to get them to go across the pool and back. I even started having the MOVERS tag the SHAKER so they can switch off. This motivates them to get to the other side!

We really feel this workout, even though we are doing the same exercises we always do. If nothing else, it's good for a laugh or two.

Hope you enjoy it.

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From: Racine, Wisconsin (USA)
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