"Uncle Art's" Wild Club Dance Mix

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11657)

All choreography is 32-count moves. (Numbers in parenthesis indicate amount of beats per movement)

Combo #1

Repeat combo #1 if desired. (I recommend repetition to enable students to learn choreography better).

Combo #2

Combo #3

Combo #4

Repeat to ensure a 32-count.

Combo #5

Repeat as desired.

Combo #6

Repeat as desired.

Combo #7


1 Break the Dish. This move is an off-beat type of knee strike (as seen sometimes in Kickboxing). Instead of starting with the knee, you start with a step with the lead foot (e.g., step-knee-tap-knee-tap-knee-tap-knee). This leaves the knee in the air, readying the student to go into a side step in the direction of the knee just lifted.

2 Four Point Turn. This is similar to the half turn, except that the body goes around a full 360 degrees. The foot that is the direction called is the fulcrum and must be unloaded between each portion of the turn. This is a floor version of the double pop in STEP.

3 L-Grapevine. Begin with a grapevine out, then pivot the body 90 degrees towards the outer wall. To reverse (which is not done in this routine however), complete the grapevine facing the outer wall and then return to facing front and complete that grapevine. You should, if reversing the L-Grapevine, be back at your point of origin.

4 Spinning Grapevine. This is a double grapevine (8 steps outward) in which there is a hop turn 180 degrees to face the opposite wall at beat 5 (when counting down). ALWAYS count repetitions down so your students know how many more he or she has to do. This is essential to proper cueing!

5 Angle to the front. This might be mistaken for the reversal of the L-grapevine. Technically, it IS an L-grapevine of sorts. In this part, however, we begin by starting our grapevine in the direction we are currently facing and then pivot whatever degree necessary to face the front. This is best used when facing side walls. If you are facing a back wall, then you would be performing a spinning grapevine, not angle to the front.

6 Jack High. Basically, a jack (hi or low impact) but insist that the hands touch at the touch. A good one to keep repeating until everyone gets it right. Comes from my basic training classes I do to the military guys

7 Jack Squat. A jack (again, hi or low impact) which results in the legs spreading to at least 24 inches and the thighs going into a squat position. Again, you can keep the students doing this until they get it right. Makes for a great breaking training so they can work those thunder thighs!

8 Running Kick. Basically, it is three steps and a kick, then three more steps and a kick: right/left/right/left(kick) left/right/left/right(kick). Incorporate arms to increase intensity.

9 The Real McCoys. A move adapted from the old TV show; Step with your right foot and swing up your left leg to the side. Then rock your body (legs) side to side like a pendulum three more times.

10 Diamond Grapevine. Each grapevine is at an angle. From the front of the room, move up 45 degrees facing the left front corner; now pivot so you are facing the right front corner and grapevine; then pivot to face the right back corner; and lastly the left back corner. Then, face the front for the regular grapevines.


I cannot overstress the importance of using warm-up and the slower tempos to show the basic moves to build up to some of these combinations. If you are not good at cueing, its time to learn how this combination does not work well if you are not able to give commands of preparation and commands of execution at the precise moments. Everything is set to 32-count. Ensure your music is also 32-count phrasing or it will get really frustrating.

Please write me if you have questions or comments. I love hearing from you about my combinations.

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