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I teach Body Conditioning once a week - the class is always "sold out" - tool I use are exertubes, body bars, bands and dumbbells. Here are some of the exercises we did last week.

Step as a prop is laterally set up

Started with stagger squats: 3 count 1/2 squat, non-working foot on step, move further from the step with each count and then come together on top of the step on 4 - alternate from one side to the other

Incline chest press, stagger stance on step, tube under back foot - press hands forward and up moving from the waist

Tube doubled behind back - handles in one hand, tubing in other (if that's too hard choke grip on single tube) - half squats alternating side to side with a chest press on the same side - emphasize stopping range of motion at the midline on the release to protect the anterior deltoid

From here we did lunges off the step around the world

Squats standing on the tube - handles at hips (easier) or behind shoulders - wrists stay straight - caution any tall members to watch their backs

Seated length wise on the step - double foot wrap with the tube do seated rows - changing angles - can do low, middle and high, can make it more interesting by doing one arm at a time then both arms slow etc. Seated bicep curls - same position, lean back engaging your abdominals and then perform curls. Can also do an isometric abdominal hold here (partial roll down).

Straddling the step do plie squats with tricep press out - tube is doubled again unless too hard then choked is behind shoulders unless rotation bother student, then in front of shoulders - press flexed palms to the side as you plie squat like you are pressing the walls away.

Standing tricep overhead extension - stagger stance, tubing under back foot - emphasize navel in, glutes activated - both handles in both clasped hands - if too hard one handle is fine.

Have fun and please also submit interesting combos for body conditioning...Petrina

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From: Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii (USA)
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