Obstacle Course

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This is a good class to do when you are suffering from step or hi-lo burn-out! I set up an obstacle course in a large circle around the aerobics floor. The obstacle course is done in three minute intervals, with 2 minutes of either toning or kickboxing, or whatever your choice is. So the interval ratio is 3:2. The obstacle course can consist of: 4 or 5 aerobic steps placed in a row length-wise to create a long line of steps together, where the participants will do a "football run" up and down on the steps, running the length of them, then go straight into staggered risers, in a high-knee run, to create the effect of the "bootcamp" tires, except you don't step in the middle of each riser, you step between them. Then they go straight into curving around stacked risers placed so they must "snake" around them while running. If there happens to be a flight of stairs leading up or down to your aerobics room, have them run stairs! You can also lay a jump rope out straight and have jump back and forth across while moving forward to the end of the course. I just try to have fun with it! It is very challenging to the cardiovascular system, so your de-conditioned participants may not like it as well as your fit ones.

Good luck!


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