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Hi, this is my first time posting a pattern! It's self-reversing, and will 'weave' nicely too (i.e. part A leading right, part B leading left and so on)


Repeat all starting left


Repeat all left


Repeat all left

PART A: I teach 2 repeater, then march on the floor 1-2-3, basic left. Keep repeating this, alternating leads, then demonstrate, then add, mambos; add on two knees plus two kicks, then practice: 'Spider' - left foot on step at right hand end, rock right foot off end, 'scuttle' over the top lengthways left, right, rock left foot off left end, right foot steps on left end of step, step down left, right, 6 alternating kicks as a holding pattern. I give 2 alternating knees as an alternative option for those who don't want to do 'spider'. With the lunges, there is the option of two facing right hand wall, two facing back, two facing left hand wall [when leading left leg]

PART B: Moves 17-24 I got from Turnstep ages ago, I think it was called 'Shuffle strike turn' or something, thank you whoever you were! I teach it facing front first: "shuffle, 1-2-3" [a mambo back on the floor] stomp, down down, 1 basic, 1 lift behind, 4 knees as a holding pattern. Then demonstrate, & have them add, the travel. Use an odd number of three repeaters to change lead & practice equally on other lead. Then start off with that 3 curls 1 V-step [which we've already practiced], not forgetting you need a 5 repeater, 1 basic step at the end to make sure you finish on the correct lead!

PART C: I teach the T-step from 5 marches [i.e. 10 counts] on top of the step, step down then 5 basics, then demo & add the T-step. Moves 17-32 have been practiced during the warm up, so are familiar and ready to add in.

My class love this routine because it's fun and interesting without being excessively complicated, and I love it because even if I get complete newcomers to step coming along they can stay with the 'base' levels , ie. no travel around the steps, spider or turns, and still be able to follow. I hope someone will be able to use it - email me with any questions. Enjoy!

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