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Horizontal bench - self-reversing.

For some reason, there are a lot of alphabet letters in this combo! Enjoy.

Combo 1

*Z-step: Righ on top/left hamstring curl, left on top (stay on top of the bench)/right hamstring up, down to the floor right, left, then 1 jack

Y-step: see definitions on home page

*Step-slide-around: start by showing them 2 basic lefts (if they don't like the step, they can just do the 2 basics). The move is: (1) step left on the east side (like you are about to do an L-step), (2) swing right leg out to the side (abduct), ((3) right foot to floor IN FRONT of the bench), (4) left foot fown in the front, (5) right foot steps up on the bench (it is behind you so look before you step), (6) left leg swings out and crosses behind you to the back, (7) left foot down on floor, (8) right foot down on floor

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From: Durham, North Carolina (USA)
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